Why Garnett

Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan needs a strong Conservative advocate in Ottawa.  Born and raised in Strathcona County, Garnett Genuis understands the needs of this community.  He has worked in the Prime Minister’s Office in Ottawa, and knows how to get things done in government. He will diligently serve the people of Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan – and represent our values and interests in the nation’s capital.

Garnett’s priorities include:

  • Support for working families through tax cuts, the expanded Universal Childcare Benefit, Children’s Fitness Tax Credit and income splitting.
  • Defending our energy industry - the driver of Alberta’s economy - and promoting the need to have more access to markets.
  • Support our seniors by strengthening our pension system and giving older workers the ability to keep more of their benefits.
  • Getting smarter and tougher on crime, especially repeat violent and sexual offenders.
  • Standing up for Canadian values around the world, by supporting other democratic nations, advocating for the rights of persecuted peoples, and providing our military with the resources they need to keep Canada safe.