Our Candidate

Garnett Genuis lives in the Sherwood Park neighbourhood of Glen Allan with his wife, Rebecca, and their two children, Gianna and Judah. Garnett has deep roots in Strathcona County; and he is a life-long booster of this community. He has volunteered with many key local organizations - most recently as a Board Member with Saffron Sexual Assault Centre, a Member of the Executive of the Rotary Club of Sherwood Park and an active member of the Knights of Columbus.

From a young age, Garnett was encouraged by his grandparents to enter politics. His grandmother was a Holocaust survivor. And his Grandfather, a Syncrude engineer, became politically active in the early 1980’s, following the disastrous effects of the Trudeau government’s National Energy Plan. Their influence encouraged Garnett to explore the value of political involvement and the impact a strong, conservative voice can have in Parliament.

My grandparents showed us why politics is important – we had a clear sense from them of the destructive power of bad or capricious government, but also of the powerful difference that good, serious, intelligent government can make. They showed me how those battles for good government have to be waged anew, in every time and generation. That is why I’m in politics.

Garnett Genuis

Life In Politics:

Garnett grew up in Strathcona County and later accepted an offer to attend Carleton University in the nation’s capital. While in Ottawa, Garnett immersed himself in politics. After obtaining a Parliamentary Press Pass, Garnett wrote a regular column for the Sherwood Park News as a political correspondent. That experience helped him earn a sought-after summer internship in the Prime Minister’s Office where he was subsequently hired on full time. 

Garnett has the experience to get things done in Ottawa. While working on Parliament Hill, Garnett served as an assistant to Prime Minister Harper and an advisor on the staff of Minister Rona Ambrose. After leaving Ottawa, Garnett obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the London School of Economics, which led him into the private sector as the Vice President of a national research firm.

In March of 2014, Garnett announced his intention to seek the Conservative nomination in the newly formed riding of Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan. In a hotly contested nomination contest spanning over six months, Garnett and his team work tirelessly to secure victory at a nomination meeting held in Sherwood Park on Saturday, November 1, 2014.

Many people I meet are skeptical about the ability of a Member of Parliament to make a difference. As one of 338, you can’t expect to always get your way – but my experience in Ottawa has shown me that someone who knows the ropes, and isn’t afraid to stand for their convictions, can have a big impact on the direction that the government takes.

Garnett Genuis

This community requires a strong, Conservative advocate in Ottawa. Garnett Genuis understands the needs of Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan and his experience will make him an asset on Parliament Hill. Garnett is committed to diligently serving the people this riding – and will represent our values and interests in the Nation’s Capital.

It has been a great privilege for me to know and work alongside Garnett for nearly a decade. He is a strong and committed defender of our great province of Alberta. He has demonstrated a commitment to conservative values, his family and your community. He is a hard worker and a man of integrity. I will count it a privilege to serve with him as a colleague.

Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Peace River