This Election Is About 3 Things

This is a critical election - for you, for your family, and for our community. With Election Day only one day away, I want to highlight the three key issues in this campaign. 

(1) Strengthening the Economy

(2) Cutting Your Taxes

(3) Defending Canada

Supporting our Seniors

Our overall Canadian population is aging, and I believe that continuing to provide the vital supports that our seniors rely on will be one of the most critical issues we face over the next 10-20 years. Our seniors built this country, and they deserve respect and support. This is an area of shared responsibility between different levels of government – and we have a vital role to play at the federal level continuing to provide retirement security, strong economic growth, and funding to the provinces for healthcare and other key services.

Choice in Retirement Savings

Helping you save for retirement is a key issue in this election.

As Conservatives, we have an important plan to provide optimal support for retiring Canadians. In general, the opposition favours national bureaucracies, where paid ‘experts’ control the flow of money. We favour programs that provide direct support to those who need it most. We also believe in providing you with the flexibility to invest that money as you see fit. 

Thinking about Family

This has been an exciting week for Canadian families – my own in particular. At 5:39 am on Wednesday morning, July 22, my wife gave birth to a perky and healthy little boy who we named Judah Clement. And across Canada, parents welcomed the first disbursement of the Enhanced Universal Child Care Benefit. Family is the cornerstone of society. As a father of two, the opportunity to stand up for families was central to my decision to run for office.

Canada Day Reflections

While participating in the Canada Day parades, I had a great time with my family, riding in our Conservative float, as well as enjoying many of the other fun things that our community has to offer on such a special day. I have been thinking over the last couple days about what Canada Day means to me personally, and I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a few thoughts with you.

Responsible Energy Development

Energy development is critical for our economy, throughout our province and our country, but especially right here in the Industrial Heartland. We need a Member of Parliament in this area who understands the importance of energy development and who is prepared to advocate for the responsible development of our energy resources. I am that person – I believe in the importance of developing our energy resources; and, I have the experience required to get things done for our area.

Israel and Ukraine: What We Can Learn from History

One of the biggest influences in my life was that of my late grandmother. Her experience and council has shaped, in particular, the way I think about many foreign policy issues. My grandmother was a Holocaust survivor. She was born a ‘mischling’ – a half-Jew according to Hitler’s race laws – and lived in Germany during the entire Hitler era. She was never angry or bitter, but she taught us well to remember the lessons of the time in which she grew up.

Why I Support Income Splitting

Income Splitting is a simple and sensible idea – it’s the idea that a couple should be able to divide their income between each other for tax purposes. It’s the idea that government should tax us based on the most meaningful metric of ability to pay – household income. Under the present system, tax rates are assessed based on individual income, but most people who are part of a family manage their money as families, not as individuals. Because of this, income splitting is fair and sensible.

Don't Legalize Brothels

In a recent editorial, Sherwood Park News editor Michael Di Massa argues for the legalization of brothels. I submitted a letter in response, but apparently the paper has a policy of not publishing letters from candidates for public office.

Fort Saskatchewan Event and Announcement

This new constituency includes 2 municipalities – Strathcona County and Fort Saskatchewan. Although Fort Saskatchewan has a smaller population, it is an integral part of the new riding, with many unique needs and issues.