This Election Is About 3 Things

This is a critical election - for you, for your family, and for our community. With Election Day only one day away, I want to highlight the three key issues in this campaign. 

(1) Strengthening the Economy

(2) Cutting Your Taxes

(3) Defending Canada

1. Strengthening the Economy

In 2008, our government led Canada through the greatest economic recession since the Great Depression. We haven't denied the challenging times we've been through. But, in other countries, the global financial crisis was followed by a debt crisis – something that didn't happen here. We kept our spending under control.

We stimulated the economy in a timely, targeted, and temporary way. And then, we returned to a balance budget, 1 year ahead of schedule. Because of our prudent and focused economic management, we have been able to deliver the best job creation record, the best economic growth record, and by far the lowest debt-GDP ratio in the G7. 

When it comes to our local economy here in Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan, we depend significantly on a strong energy sector. Our party is the only party that supports the Northern Gateway Pipeline. We are also the only party that voted in favour of the new incentives for value-added production and manufacturing that were included in the last budget. 

A strong economy allows us to do more in other areas. We increased transfers to the provinces across the board, increased overall funding for areas like Veterans and Aboriginal Affairs, cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and cut taxes.

By contrast, the previous Liberal government cut transfers to the provinces in the 1990s, and oversaw a significant increase in Greenhouse Gas Emissions. A strong economy allows us to do more, and that is why we need to continue with strong Conservative leadership.

2. Cutting Your Taxes

Our government cut taxes for everyone - and delivered significant tax relief to those who need it most. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Seniors - we introduced pension income splitting, raised the age and pension income credits, and announced a new Single Seniors Tax Credit. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Families With Kids - we introduced income splitting, the Universal Childcare Benefit, and the children's fitness tax credit, raised the childcare expense deduction, and have now committed to up to 18 months of parental leave.

For Everyone - we raised the base personal exemption, cut the lowest marginal tax rate, cut the GST, have and will continue to cut taxes for small business owners, and are committing to a major new payroll tax cut.

The other parties are both proposing to get rid of income splitting for families and to introduce a major new payroll tax hike. 

3. Defending Canada

Our party is the only party that supports our ongoing mission against ISIS. ISIS attacked Canada, and is undertaking brutal violence on a mass scale. This terrorist group must be stopped. 

People who are convicted of terrorism should NOT be able to maintain their Canadian citizenship. Here's what I told the audience at a recent forum about this issues:

“Our belief in the Conservative Party is that citizenship should have value and you shouldn’t use your citizenship to fight against Canada... If someone is a convicted terrorist and they’re using a Canadian passport to travel around the world to be involved in terrorist organizations and training, attacking our values and attacking the lives of innocent people — should those people have the privilege of Canadian citizenship?” Our belief is that they shouldn't.


Do you agree with me on these vital issues? If so, trust me with your vote on October 19th. I love this community and I would be honoured to serve as your Member of Parliament.